Second-Hand Shopping: Kodak Colorburst 50


Let me tell you about having a play with an old Kodak Colourburst 50 after some second-hand shopping.

One day, I saw a pack of unused (but of course very ,very expired) Kodak instant print film for sale. It was going cheap so I bought it out of curiosity. Then, I decided to find myself the camera to match.

After not too long, a Kodak Colorburst 50 came up and I snapped it up.

Then, I discovered I had to track down a battery for it. I rather like the battery separate from the film in Kodak’s system (and all these years later in Fuji’s instant film system) compared to Polaroid with the battery and film pack in one. I did a bit of reading around about Kodaks instant cameras/film, and to make the long story short, it was short lived. They had to shut it down as Polaroid called foul, “Kodak copied us” and the law agreed.

With a camera, battery and rare pack of film all together, I loaded up for a play. Yep, the sound it makes is just as fun as a Polaroid.

The expired film load was covered in black dust and while the first print to spit out was a bit brittle, the next ones were fine.

It appeared that while the films were almost completely dried out there was just enough chemical remaining to process a developer reaction.

When I exposed the last one I thought to give it a scratch and rub before the developing appeared and I wish I’d thought of that earlier so I could have experimented more.

Fun times.

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    it's cool you bought the film first. ;)

  2. gothcupcake
    gothcupcake ·

    I have a Kodak Party Time camera, I read somewhere that you can put Polaroid 600 film inside the empty Kodak film cartidge, but I have yet to obtain a battery and Polaroid or Impossible Project 600 film just yet.

  3. motionpicture
    motionpicture ·

    gothcupcake, tell us all about it if you ever give that a try.
    I've found all sorts of batteries on ebay at very reasonable prices.

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