Perfect Combination: Smena 8M, Redscale Film, and the Seaside

2013-02-20 1

I admit it, me and my Smena 8M haven’t always been best friends. I tried a couple of Smenas, each one with a different problem. But then, one decisive moment came. I went surfing to Basque country and the rest is history.

One day last year, I found a Smena that worked pefrectly. We had lots of fun together, tried different things, done double exposures, different films. But then, I brought her to Morocco and tried X-Pro Chrome film. It didn’t work at all. All the photos were over exposed to the point they were basically all green. But then I thought to myself, why not try a film where overexposure wouldn’t be such a problem. Then, it clicked in my head. Of course, I should try redscale.

Credits: lomofrue

I know, lots of people are quite picky when it comes to redscale. They want that perfect red color, everything else is not good enough for them. Me, on the other hand, i love that sepia look. What better way to get the sepia look than overexposing your redscale at the beach, where the sun is so bright. I didn’t even have to do much, Smena 8M did it all by herself and I love it for that. Seaside, beach, surfs, Volkswagen vans, everything looks perfect in redscale. It gets that retro look.

Credits: lomofrue

But you can freely take your smena 8M to the nearest city by the seaside, she won’t mind. Smena and redscale love buildings, museums, churches, clouds. People might smile when they see your retro looking camera but when you show them these retro looking photos they’ll see smena 8M and redscale are clearly perfect for each other.

Credits: lomofrue

The Lomo Smena 8M is a classic mid-80s icon dug deep from LOMO factory. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping colour and contrast, and its manual settings gives you full control over your images. Get your hands on this piece of photographic history here.

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