Take off with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket


Enjoy the fascination of sprocket holes and panorama format photos all together in one lightweight handy camera. Get ready for takeoff with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket!

The Sprocket Rocket is one of the cameras I use too little. Although being lightweight and easy to handle the expense of letting panorama sprocket negatives been developed and scanning them makes me think if it is worth it. But every time I convince myself I am stunned by the results.

Sprocket holes and panorama format are eye.catchers by themselves. Combining both produces striking images. Owning a Sprocket Rocket makes you want to take pictures of things you have taken pictures before just to see how they look in panorama and sprocket holed.

It comes natural for a Panorama Camera take pictures of landscapes and buildings. But who said it has to be landscape format all the time.

Portraits and self-portraits look great too. Selfies work great due to the wide lens.

The Sprocket Rocket needs good light conditions. When lacking good light, it works great with flash or bulb mode.

Just 2 cents to developing and scanning. Like Douglas Adams said: DONT PANIC!" You just need a lab that does not cut your film when required. Just ask! The easiest way to scan Sprocket Rocket negatives is the DigitaLIZA .

Lightweight, easy to use and a special eye-catcher: Consider getting yourself a Sprocket Rocket and get ready to take off!

written by zark on 2013-02-21 #gear #35mm #review #panorama #sprockets #zark #perforation #sprocket-rocket
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