Taking Back Tipsters: More LC-Wide Tips


A few weeks ago, we took you back to some impressive tipsters for shooting with the LC-Wide. Now, we bring you some more of these, in case you’re looking for more noteworthy tips to try out with Lomography’s wide-angled wonder!

Endless Panoramas with DigitaLiza and LC-Wide by lighthouseblues

While the past installment of Taking Back Tipsters on the Lomo LC-Wide has already touched base on shooting endless panoramas using the wide-angled wonder, the tipster above lighthouseblues complements it nicely by showing how you can get perfectly scanned LC-Wide panoramas using the DigitaLiza 35mm Scanning Mask. So if you ever decide to try endless panoramas, you might want to find out how you can scan your rolls with the DigitaLiza as well!

Mash-up your portraits with the LC-Wide by littlemisslove

If you haven’t been exploring the possibilities offered by LC-Wide’s half-frame mode (flick the HF switch underneath), it’s about time you do so. With the tipster above by littlemisslove, one of the things you can try doing with the HF mode is to mash up your portraits by merging them with other subjects!

Night Photography with the Lomo LC-Wide by ymmij

Ever wanted to shoot nightscapes with the LC-Wide? Now, with the help of the tipster above by ymmij, you can try it out! Go ahead and check to find out how you can trick the LC-Wide’s light meter, how long you should expose, and other long exposure tips!

Alternative Use of the LC-Wide Instant Kit by cwyeung

The LC-Wide Instant Kit aids us in shooting wide-angled instant photos with the LC-Wide, but cwyeung has found another use for it! Curious? Go ahead and check the quick tipster out!

Make a Foam Case for Your LC-Wide by triky76 and translated by carlosbull

Last but not the least, we have a tipster by triky76 showing us how we can make a simple but effective protective case for the LC-Wide using sheets of foam. It’s worth trying out whether or not you’re the crafty, DIY type, so head over to the tipster above to find out what you’re going to need and how it’s done!

If you’re looking for the previous installment of Taking Back Tipsters for LC-Wide Tips, it’s right here!

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