SoLocations: A Tiny Piece of Greenery in Como


Few weeks again, and it will be spring time! Here, I present to you a tiny piece of grass: a little park in Como, on the lake promenade, where I love to stay alone to read, take a short sunbath, do some yoga exercises outdoors, and meet and know new friends!

Como has little places of green, mainly near the lake. The most important ones are the great park of Villa Olmo, and the Public Gardens near the Stadium. Other places are tiny, like this one, situated along the promenade which end at Villa Geno. This is a quiet place, in a zone with few traffic, where I love to stay and relax from the spring time through the end of the autumn season!

The view on the lake is great, as you can see from these two photos taken with my Horizon Perfekt camera! And in the first sunny days every spring, it’s a joy for me to take off my socks and shoes, and feel the fresh grass under my feet! This is a great place to play and meet friends (and to know new ones!)

On the background, you can see the wonderful dome of the Cathedral, a masterpiece of Roman and early Gothic style!

The patch of greenery is tiny, but it is a pleasure to stay outdoor here. Few traffic, a little oasis of peace few hundred meters far from my home!

The lake is wonderful, especially in the middle afternoon, when the sun rays reflects on the water surface!

I love to read here, staying barefoot in a company of a good book!

So, I’m waiting for the next spring… to take off my socks and shoes again and live some hours of my weeks in complete freedom!

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