The Tiny WIDE Marvel: Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens

2013-02-20 1

Why settle for the regular 24mm lens on a Diana Baby110 when you can go WIDE and fit so much more into your 110 shots with the awesome 12mm lens? It’s true what they say: great things DO come in small packages!

I’ve recently gotten my hands on a Diana Baby 110 and I was having my doubts if I should get just the camera or the pack with the 12mm lens. So I headed to the Lomography Gallery Store Barcelona for some advice and basically what they said to me was don’t even think about it GO WIDE on your 110 and since their advice is always amazing I said to myself let’s do this and got myself a Diana Baby 110 with the 12mm lens.

Just as an intro (it will come in handy to better understand the lens), the viewfinder on the Diana Baby 110 has two square areas that help you get the idea of what will appear on your shot. You have a smaller square that limits the area for the 24mm and the whole square that makes up the view finder is pretty much the area covered by the 12mm. Trust me there’s a huge a whole bunch of extra space that only the 12mm lens can cover.

First of all, the lens is really small which makes it really easy to carry around, even in your pocket or a small pouch or bag. It’s a bit bigger in size that the 24mm but when you mount it on the Diana Baby 110, you won’t even notice the difference.

The lens is extremely easy to mount, it works on the same principle of that of it’s larger cousins, the lenses for the Diana F+. You just have to align the white dots, turn counter clockwise, hear the click, and presto! you’re good to go.

The lens also comes with a very handy back cover (which also fits the 24mm lens) so you can store it safely and make sure no dust goes in and prevent it from nasty scratches.

The lens is made of plastic so it gives that dreamy look that characterizes the images created by the Diana family, giving it that lo-fi look and feel we Lomographers love so much.

These are some examples of shots that I made using the 12mm lens:

Credits: guanatos

So now you know, if you’re planning on getting a Diana Baby 110 don’t even hesitate and get it with the 12mm lens, I can guarantee you’re going to love it!


If you wan’t to see more shots taken with the 12mm lens for the Diana Baby 110, you can visit this album

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