Listen to Jack White's Latest Records on X-Ray Film


Make no bones about Jack White being one of the craftier rockstars out there. When he isn’t shredding guitars in concert, he’s producing experimental records on various media, like his latest one on flex-ray discs made of x-ray film!

Photo via Mashable

Former White Stripes guitarist and singer-songwriter Jack White really knows how to get his creative juices flowing. You might remember our collaboration with the awesome twosome some time ago which resulted in two equally winsome limited edition cameras: the JACK Holga and MEG Diana+. Now Jack is back with another ace endeavor, this time strumming strings as Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes sings along. “The Gibby Haynes Blues Series” is a 7-inch, 3-track album created on flex-ray discs.

Photo via Third Man Records

Perhaps White drew inspiration from the Cold War era, when people smuggled censored American music into the Soviet Union via X-ray film. But the musician is well known for his quirky uses of vinyl: In 2012 he released his single “Sixteen Saltines” on clear vinyl filled with blue liquid. His Grammy-nominated song, “Freedom at 21,” was distributed via balloon launch. White released 1,000 helium balloons into the air attached with flexi-discs of the single from his debut solo album. (Mashable)

Photo via Third Man Records

Definitely a cool concept that tickled our analogue bones! You might also like:

“The Gibby Haynes Blues Series” will be available by Valentine’s via Third Man Store. Visit Third Man Records for more info.

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