Chinese New Year Gift Guide: Two More Days!


Chinese New Year is coming up in just two days and we know you got your analogue cameras ready to seize the day and capture the best moments. Keep reading for our special Chinese New Year tip!

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Chinese New Year is in just two days! Family members will travel, from all corners of the world, to the home of the eldest family member to celebrate Chinese New Year with a family feast.

Overabundance is customary when it comes to the feast since leftovers are a sign of profit and surplus for the upcoming year.

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This reunion is often the only time relatives and members of extended family see one another during the entire year which makes it difficult to share photos after the celebration has ended and everyone’s back at home. However, with the LC-A+ Instant Back you’ll have your photos developed in a couple of seconds!

The little gizmo is also available for the LC-Wide and Diana F+ so everybody can share in on the instant fun!

Order your LC-A+ Instant Back before the New Year and capture the best moment with your family! Be sure to give them a photo souvenir so that everybody has a little something to take home!

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Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi (恭喜發財)! Order yours today to get your special LC-A+ Instant Back in time for the holidays! Don’t forget to share the pictures with us! We want to see how your Chinese New Year went down!


The Future is Analogue.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the effects of the Lomo LC-A or the LC-Wide, in a heartbeat? With the LC-A Instant Back+, now you can! Watch your photos develop right away with the LC-A Instant Back+.

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