Chinese New Year Gift Guide: Three More Days!


Upside-down, back-side front and inside-out. Chinese New Year is coming up in three days and we want to pay homage to the wacky upside-down Fú! Learn how to welcome a year of good fortune the Lomography way!

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Chinese New Year is in three days! Many have probably already started preparing some yummy niangao to give away to their friends and relatives!

Remember to put the upside-down Fú on your door! The upside-down Fú is based on Chinese wordplay, where means “good fortune” and “upside-down” is a homonym for “to arrive” . It’s placed on the front door to encourage the arrival of good fortune for the New Year!

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Double up on the upside-down and back-side front mania with a roll of Color Negative Film! You’ll be sure to lock-in good fortune and wealth with this amazing film! If not, we guarantee that your New Year will be blessed with fine grain and natural tones all year round!

Look through our wide selection of Color Negative Film to find something that suits your fancy! Be it LomoChrome Purple or Fuji Superia 400 35mm – there’s something for everyone.

Order your Color Negative Film before New Year and load it up into your favourite analogue camera! With this back-side front film, you’ll be swimming in a pool filled with thousand dollar bills in no time!

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Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi (恭喜發財)! Order yours today to get your special Color Negative Film in time for the holidays! Take it everywhere you go and be sure to capture your prosperous New Year with your Color Negative Film. Don’t forget to share the pictures with us! We want to see how your Chinese New Years went down!


The Future is Analogue.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 800 ISO film is a high-speed film designed to bring a burst of vibrant colour, as well as great saturation and contrast, in all lighting conditions! Shoot in bright sunshine, grey days, indoors or at night with a flash. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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