Perfect Combination: La Sardina and Rollei Redbird


Let me tell you about an analogue pair I could only imagine in my dreams.

Credits: edenhovenga

When I acquired my La Sardina and Rollei Redbird film, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I should have been. I bought my La Sardina as a part of a lot of cameras a few months ago, and it really didn’t spark my interest at first glance. I was much more excited about the Superheadz Wide & Slim and Diana Mini that came with it, but I started using it anyway.

And I don’t think I could be more happy with a camera. To be honest, I’m probably using it wrong. I might be switching it to bulb on accident or forgetting to check the focus. Either way, I hope it doesn’t change, because the photos I’ve gotten have been remarkably dreamy.

Credits: edenhovenga

Then, I met Rollei Redbird, a film I had decided to try out along with Rollei Nightbird, which seemed much more appealing at the time. The Rollei Nightbird photos I had seen seemed much more extreme and vibrant; where as, the Redbird photos I looked at seemed to lean closer to sepia tones. Those Redbird photos that were vibrant enough to catch my eye, leaned closer to yellow than red. But I got a couple rolls anyway.

Credits: edenhovenga

I couldn’t be happier. Rollei Redbird gives such a remarkable range of colors from yellows and oranges to beautiful pinks and reds. Combined with the dreamy nature of my La Sardina, I was instantly in heaven. I’m saving my last Redbird roll for a weekend drive along the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend, and come March, when the film is back in stock, I am buying it out.

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