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2013-02-20 2

Last week, we met Lotte van den Acker, the girl with the Pentax Asahi K1000 tattoo. In an interview with Fstoppers, she shares how she came up with the ink inspiration and how she got the best artist to execute the design—her mom!

Photo via Fstoppers

Photographer Lotte van den Acker’s awesome optical illusion camera tattoo sure is a rad present from her tattoo artist and mother Helma van der Weide and it’s got to be one of the coolest mother-daughter collaborations we’ve seen. Check out this interview with Fstoppers:

What brought on this idea? Any influences or just something you wanted to tattoo onto your body?
Before I got this tattoo I have had others but I wasn’t allowed from my mom to put any ink on my underarm because of my career future. For a while it had been sure that photography is my great passion and future, and as a photographer a tattoo on my underarm wouldn’t be a limitation. I started thinking about a tattoo that would represent my passion. A camera is not a very elegant object and I thought ‘just a camera’ would be kind of boring, so I thought of something to make it more original. While brainstorming about it, I came up with the optical illusion idea.

Photo via Fstoppers

Does that camera model have any particular meaning to you?
A friend of my mom’s owned this camera and after I was born she took beautiful photos of me as a baby with my mom with this camera. Later, my mom bought that same camera from her friend and by the time I was 10 I started using it as well. So it has multiple meanings to me.

Will you be adding any other photo related tattoos anytime soon?
Not sure. I have lots of ideas for new tattoos that don’t have anything to do with photography. But I am finishing my arm (sleeve) and maybe to fill it up I’ll put a film roll.

Whats the first thing people say when they see the camera tattoo?
Most people react really enthusiastic about this tattoo, especially other photographers. But I don’t walk with my arm in front of my face the entire day to show it off.

Photo via Fstoppers

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