Haus Des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo Vienna

Recommended for every animal lovers out there, this zoo houses almost 6,000 different species which makes it one of the exotic attraction in Vienna!

This Aquarium is bizarrely situated in a giant World War II anti-aircraft tower. Of all the 6 flak towers in Vienna this is the only one to have been put to modern day use. The Aqua Terra Zoo has about 6,000 animals and contains more than 3,000 live marine organisms. In its terrarium section it also presents crocodiles, lizards and snakes. In the Tropical House, there are no cages: birds fly through the air and little monkeys roam around. However, don’t forget to visit the amazing roof terrace, with its incredibly beautiful panoramic view of the city of Vienna. Schedule: shark diving – Thu 6 PM, feeding of sharks and piranhas – Wed, Sun 3 PM, feeding of reptiles – Sun 10 AM, Thu 7 PM

by Julia Jachs

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