Foma B&W 400 – It’s Good!

2013-02-15 1

Before I found Lomography, I used to shoot more black & white than color. With my low budget lifestyle Foma 400 became my favorite companion.

This photo is from Fomafoto’s site.

I ordered few rolls of this film when I purchased some b&w chemistry from Fomafoto. At the moment this is the cheapest film I can get my hands on. You can get it as low as 3,18€/roll from Fomafoto. I didn’t have high expectations, but the film performed well.

Some old photos of mine.

I like grain, but I don’t want it to be too big or visible. In this film grain is just what I want. It’s there, but it’s quite fine and doesn’t take over the photo. It just adds that special something to my b&w photos. Of course the developer and developing style affects to grain, but with Fomafoto’s own developer Fomadon R09 and basic hand inversion technique results are good.

I think the sharpness isn’t’ the best, but with ASA400 you really can’t expect anything more than this film delivers. This film also gives you good contrast and Fomafoto’s site says that you can overexposure this film with one stop and underexposure with 2 stops and still get good results.

I think this film suits well for various situations and being ASA400 it’s a good overall film. This is the film to keep in camera if you’re not going to shoot whole roll in one day…and besides that, it’s the cheapest one you can get!

Credits: jutei

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