My First Lomo Experience in Disneyland, Hong Kong

2013-02-07 2

I bring all my cameras everywhere, regardless of working trip or vacation, and this time, let me bring you to different tones of Hong Kong Disneyland.

There are many activities you can do in Disneyland. As a lomo lover, how do you play in the spots below? Here are some of the spots I went to and activities I did during my trip.

First, if you are taking the train to Hong Kong Disneyland, then probably you would notice that it is uniquely designed to suit the Disney theme. Quick! Grab the chance to shoot before the train is leaving!

I noticed that there are two new attractions built compared to my previous visit — Toy Story Land and the Grizzly Gulch. Finally, there are some rides more suitable for adults! You must try the Runaway Mine Cars, as well!

If you get tired in the evening, stare up and look at the trees perfectly trimmed into different shapes — so artistic!

Also, do not forget the Flights of Fantasy Parade! Check the timetable at the entrance and set a reminder to yourself as it is only once per day.

After a long exciting day, with fun shows and games, what would you enjoy for the last moment?

You can choose to sit down and enjoy a Mickey Meal in the restaurant , or you can enjoy your last shopping chance at the main U.S.A. street. For me, I finally managed to grab a chance to capture long exposures and it’s the fireworks in Disneyland!

To get a good spot for shooting, we have to sit down in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle half an hour before the fireworks. I have also prepared a mini-tripod and release shutter. But I guess a more professional tripod would be much better.

Overall, this place is a MUST if coming to Hong Kong. So, what are you waiting for?

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