Aftertaste Of The Lomokino Festival 2013 – (Part I)


Are you still recalling the amazing memories from the Lomokino Festival that took place in Hong Kong last Friday? Though we only spent around 45 minutes in the theater it’s safe to assume it was enough to impress our audience! Not to worry if you missed this event, or want to watch the works of various directors again, just read on!

Lomokino Festival 2013 was held last Friday at the Hong Kong Science Museum! There’s no need to be sad if you couldn’t join our premiere screening this time round as we are now pleased to be able to share the clips shown on the night one-by-one!

Why don’t we get started with a piece by our Community Member Nicholxmak, the award winner of the Lomokino Festival - The Creative Odyssey Competition. If you’re interested in finding out what this Hong Kong Community Member shot with his Lomokino, don’t pass up this chance to checkout his work DéjàVu!

Director: nicholxmak
DéjàVu means “already seen” in French. If you cannot explain where the familiar feeling comes from could it maybe be because you’ve experienced it in your dream before? Or, is it just an illusion?

After watching such a dreamy LomoKino clip let’s go back to reality. Does reality often sound harsh to you? Let’s try something special like bringing along your LomoKino to record a day in your life. You may experience how things change. Did Papajay works give you some inspiration?

A Day In A Life
Director: PaPaJay (Papajay Pictures)
If you’ve ever though life is meaningless, try to explore more in your surroundings. With a completely different perspective, you may see a totally different world.

If most of the LomoKino clips you’ve watched are taken in sunny weather or of smiley faces, you might be craving something different. If that’s the case, you’ll likely be interested in YamanYamo work!

Analogue Mechanism
Analogue and Digital. What’s the reason of staying analogue in today’s digital world?

Besides inviting different artists to be our directors, we also invited some students from the Hong Kong School Of Creativity! What they are going to tell us through the LomoKino is something about the year 1989, the Pandora’s box, and their thoughts.

Director: Students from HKICC Hong Kong School Of Creativity
What wil be released when the Pandora’a box is opened? Sadness, jealousy? Regardless, there’s one thing we shouldn’t lose grip of, no matter what, and that’s hope.

Here comes the intermission of this Lomokino Festival Aftertaste! Can’t wait to watch more? Stay tuned!

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