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2013-02-14 3

A quick way to renew your love for your Holga is to get an accessory for it. One available choice is the Wide Angle Lens attachment.

About six months ago while on a trip to Los Angeles, California, I had a moment to stop in a camera shop to reload on film during my travels. Before paying for my armload of film treats, I saw a shelf of Holgas and accessories and this Wide Angle Lens 0.5x adaptor called out to me. I have a lot of goodies for my Diana, but my Holga seemed largely ignored for accouterments. Being a reasonable price I placed it on the counter to be rung up with the rest of my bounty.

Flash forward to the present and I realized I have still never used the Wide Angle Lens. I put it in my camera bag with my Holga 120N and some Fuji 160 film. Hoping on the trusty motorcycle, I headed to the beach on a fine winter morning. ( Sorry to those of you living in the snow laden North)

The lens is super easy to use. The direction call for you to place the lens on the Holga while set at the maximum focal distance. The lens sets fairly tightly over the Holga’s barrel. When you remove the Wide Angle’s front cap you notice a concave lens. This is supposed to cut your image’s focus by 0.5×. I decided to take a few comparison shots. The first shots are Without the Wide Angle and second is With it.

Credits: neanderthalis

As you can see there is severe vignetting. Not at all bad, but not what I had originally imagined. I also noted that the magnifier increases the light, so the wide angle shots were brighter.

The directions call for you to shot at maximum focal distance. But, having the touch of the Lomographer’s “ignore the rules” inspiration I gave a 2 meter shot a try. I really don’t think it mattered much on focusing as the vignetting was the same as 30 Meters.

As you can guess, I kept out of the water this day

If you are interested in this sort of wide angle with vignettes, please consider getting one for yourself. Lomography sells them and other accessories for your Holga. Perhaps the Tele Lens 2.5x is next for me.


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  1. slobill
    slobill ·

    I've got this on my Holga 135, it introduces a very slight vignette, nothing like your pictures. I almost always shoot with the wide angle lens on.

  2. photobarbie
    photobarbie ·

    Thanks for your article. I just got one and have yet to use it. Your with and without pix were really helpful. I'm curious if I'll get the same strong vignetting that you did. Hmmm? Your beach pix are great.

  3. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    @photobarbie I hope you get the results you want. Thanks for liking my article.

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