Lomokino Movie Project


I’m going to be shooting a few short films on the coast line in South Wales to blend my love of music and analogue photography. The idea is to create a few short trailers for my new musical project using short clips of music from our songs to 20/30-second long LomoKino movies.

I provide the aggressive vocals in a modern ambient band and have recently developed a love for lomography and the film movement in general. Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do was find a way to blend the two in an interesting way. As soon as I heard about the LomoKino Movie Maker, my mind was made up and i decided that creating short trailers to showcase teasers of the bands music was the way to go. The nature of the music is dark, moody and atmospheric so naturally, the only choice for film would be black and white. I’d like to share the ideas for the short movies with you before I head off to film them using my newly-acquired LomoKino Movie Maker!

The first scenario

For the song ‘In the light you see me’ (which without going too deep into the tracks meaning is about life and death and how we remember places differently, depending on the memories we have there), the idea is to film an actress walking along the beach front several paces, stopping and looking out beyond the horizon using the LomoKino on a tripod (this is where the LomoKino comes into its own). The idea is to then stop filming and remove the actress from the scene and place the dress she would be wearing on the floor where she was standing as the filming finishes. I will then continue to film on the LomoKino, creating the illusion that the actress has disappeared into the horizon.

The second scenario

For the song ‘A sense of wander’ (which, without going into too deep, is a song about alienating people and finding yourself alone) the concept is to film a short in the rain (don’t worry, I’ll keep the camera covered). The idea is to have an actor stand out in the rain under a street lamp while a stranger (another actor) with an umbrella walks up to provide the actor with shelter from the rain. As the stranger is acknowledged for his kind gesture I will once again stop the filming. Using the same technique I will remove the stranger from the scene and his umbrella leaving the actor alone again standing out in the rain and begin filming again until the film is used up. Once again this will all be filmed using a tripod to keep the frame as similar as I can between each capture.

Hopefully, these short movies will provide another dimension to the music we are creating and something a little different that will turn heads. I’ll be sure to post both shorts here once they are filmed and edited over the next few weeks and I’d love to know what you all think. I can’t wait!!!

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