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If some of you remember, I made an article a while ago about a simple home organization project you can do to 1) de-clutter your life 2) keep your camera’s in order, 3) keep all of you accessories in tact, and 4) keep together your prints, scans and negatives. Well spring is here (in some places in the world) which gives me the perfect excuse to clean up my “Lomo House.” Trust me, if yours is anything like mine, you will need it.

First off, If you haven’t read my article on creating your “Lomo House” for anything and everything you own analogue you should check it out. If you created one or something like one that first off looked like this:

And then ended up looking like this:

Your not alone. But it is time to clean this hot mess out. I have even made a couple of improvements that may help you out in the process. One thing that you should leave in your “Lomo House” is your print box, negatives and scan envelope, and your booklets. All of these are ideal when they are neatly lined up together.

Next, clean out all those camera’s. If your like me who is on the brink of hoarding camera’s- this will be quite a task. But if you have two or three no big deal. On top of that remove all the accessories that you have in bags and place them together out of your “Lomo House.” Take off all the tape and the bags and THROW THEM AWAY. We don’t need those anymore. I don’t know about you, but my bags kept on slipping off the wall and were just annoying. All in all, clean everything out EXCEPT your neatly packed prints, negatives, scans, and booklets.

Instead of putting your rolls of film in bags taped on the wall- I have a better solution. Put the rolls you have shot and are ready to be sent off for development in a medium to small bowl. Do the same for the rolls you have yet to shoot. I think that this gives you easier access to your film. The only downside is that it takes up more room. So if you want to keep your film in a bag taped on the side of the wall go for it. Instead of putting all of those little accessories in separate bags and having those bags fall off the wall all over the place just put them in a small bag. Particularly, put them in the Lomography bag you receive in some camera packages. It is so much easier to keep all of your little things in a designated spot and prevents you from misplacing anything.

Obviously I need to go shoot some more film…

Your almost done. Place back all your cameras in to the house and any lenses or flashes you have in front of the bowls of film. Your done!

I have totally been neglecting my “Lomo House.” It is such a good way to keep yourself and your cameras organized. My analogue collection is growing every year and so the space in my Lomo House is decreasing. I just hope I can keep up with everything!

Lots of Love,

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  1. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    Wow, great article! Must do this as soon as I move to my new appartment!

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