Cafe Raimund

If you want to torture yourself and share the same customer service experience, a cuppa at Cafe Raimund should do the trick.

If Vienna is the birthplace of unfriendly waiters, then the Cafe Raimund must be the root of this fashion. Go there and you’ll find the most unfriendly
and most original waitress of all time. She definitely won’t follow your commands and will always come up with something unexpected like,“but I brought you the menu half an hour ago!” As you can see, it drove the girl in the pic crazy! Definitely prefer this cafe to the fashionable Museums Quartier around the corner and savour the unforgettable atmosphere.

location: museumstrasse 6, 1010 vienna |
how to get there: metro u2 to volkstheater

by Severin Matusek

written by cruzron on 2009-11-01 #places #coffee #vienna #cafe #location #vienna-city-guide #city-guide-vienna

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