The Colors of Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100


Finally I have managed to test the new Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100. The results are quite crazy, but read for yourself!

The Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 is a new slide film with ISO 100. It’s a 35mm film with 36 exposures per roll. The film has been manipulated in order to produce mad color effects. The photos should be dipped in blue / brown colors. Especially for shooting in low light, this film is recommended because of the effect it will occur more.

Here we go: I took some of the photos in daylight and the others in low light. I cross-processed the film in C-41.
I was too lazy to self-develop the film, so I brought it to the drugstore. When looking at the negatives you see that the film is colored in the middle. The part around the sprockets is ‘normal’. How the film behaves when you expose also the sprockets, I can’t describe because I exposed the test film with my Lomo LC-Wide.

The photos that I took in daylight show a strong blue:

Photos I took in the house: blue colors are emphasized, but the colors of the photos are decent. In addition, the photos show in greenish / brownish color.

I don’t know how to find the new film. The blue colors that arose during daylight shots are definitely extreme. I like the photos of community members who have developed the film in E6. I will try out the film definitely again!

written by frauspatzi on 2013-02-12 #gear #review #analogue-photography #films #cross-processing #film-reviews #filme #user-review #35mm-films #color-slides
translated by brommi

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