Simple Lanyard for your La Sardina, Fisheye, Holga and Sprocket Rocket

2013-02-13 2

I like to wear my cameras around my neck and after a good deal of thought I cam to the idea how I could make a lanyard for my light camera babies.

Therefore you need just a band of your choice. I opted for a cord.

I cut the cord to 165cm and knotted the ends. With a lighter, I glued the ends and secure the knot with a few needlesticks.

The band is ready. Now you can attach it to the camera.

Simply wrap the band around the camera and pull the end with the knot through the loop. At best do it twice, it’s better than once.

It works great with the La Sardina:

The Holga 135:

Even with the Fisheye:

Or with the Sprocket Rocket:

This also fits to other cameras and you can also use another type of band. The exact length you should accurately measure suitable for you.
Practically is the fact that the strip can always arrange easy to another camera.

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