Lomography Sunset Strip - A Film Full of Surprises

2013-02-08 2

Some time ago I bought the Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 because I was just curious on this film.

While looking through the galleries so very different results can be found with this film. Since then I was a bit unsure how I should expose it best and if I should cross-process it or not. So it was some time in my film drawer until I felt the urge to test it finally.

So in with the film into my beloved LC-Wide and outside with me. First of all I exposed the Film with ISO 200 and at the end with ISO 100. I must say that I should had expose the whole film with ISO 200 or try it with ISO 400. Luckily there are still two films to use up. My LC-Wide tends to over-exposure, this is why I almost always under-expose the slide films for cross-processing – I have not thought of this fact with this film.

My favorite results after cross-processing the film are these:

Credits: pearlgirl77

Here the whole album!

I was very excited to see how my film is. I was not sure if he likes me at all, after I noticed that some people were not satisfied with this film. But I must say: I LIKE IT VERY MUCH after the first film! The sometimes very cool blue tones or then the orange-green colors I like! In addition I like that it shows different colors and that the whole film has not the same color.

So I’m looking forward to use it soon with one of my SLR cameras, when the weather gets better.

written by pearlgirl77 on 2013-02-08 #gear #review #film-lomography-sunset-strip-surprises-xpro-x-pro-cross
translated by brommi


  1. newvibes
    newvibes ·

    Some great results. 1,3 and 6 are particularly beautiful.

  2. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @newvibes thank you very much :)

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