Retro Collages by Joe Webb

2013-03-11 2

Joe Webb is a graphic designer who refuses Photoshop. His colorful collages are made ​​with scissors, glue and a pencil. Take a look at them after the jump!

In his work as a graphic designer, Joe Webb spent years manipulating images using the latest tools and processes. The goal was always to serve the individual needs of each. Webb decided one day to refuse this modern technology.

© Joe Webb

In connection with this, he immediately reached for a pair of scissors, glue and a pencil. The images that he chose are mostly vintage or retro-looking ones. With this new idea, Webb created some colorful mixed media artworks.

© Joe Webb

He totally denies Photoshop and other digital “assistants.” Their own creativity and artistry of his aides are at the center of the collage. His works revolve around human relationships or the human classification in the universe.

© Joe Webb

All this may seem old-fashioned, but the results are nevertheless truly worth talking about!

© Joe Webb

All information and photos were sourced from I-REF.

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Love it <3

  2. pam-stach
    pam-stach ·

    very interesting concept, and also a brilliant idea! :D

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