The Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit Makes Fritz Fun for All Cameras!

2013-02-07 1

Fritz the Blitz, the powerful multisetting flash for the La Sardina, can be used with a wide range of cameras now that the Adapter Kit is available. It can be found in here in the shop and can be used with any camera that has a hotshoe and a tripod screw. What are you waiting for? Fritz is ready to illuminate all your flashless cameras!

When I finally bought my La Sardina, I chose one with the flash because I heard that it could be used with other cameras as long as you have the adapter kit. This worked out perfectly because I never got a flash for my Diana F+ or my Diana Mini.

The adapter kit is presented in a cute little slide-out box. You get an instruction booklet, an L shaped bar that holds the flash and connects it to the tripod screw, and a piece that is inserted into the hotshoe. The design of the box is really nice because it is reusable for storing the adapter when I’m not using it.

The adapter is really easy to use with any camera with a tripod screw and a hotshoe. All you have to do is attach Fritz to the outside of the L shaped bar and then screw the bar onto the bottom of your camera into the tripod screw. Next you insert the black, corded piece into the camera’s hotshoe and plug it into Fritz.

If you are using a Diana or one of her sisters, you first need to buy the hotshoe adapter, which is available here in the shop. Once that has been installed on the camera, you can freely use the adapter kit.

You can even use Fritz and his adapter with non-Lomography cameras! This is my Canon Rebel 2000 SLR (which already has a pop-up flash, but that’s beside the point) with Fritz attached to it. It is cool that Lomography made an adapter kit because Fritz has three flash settings and can be used for lots of different things.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Can be used with any camera with a hotshoe and tripod screw


  • Bar is a little long for most cameras so you have to make sure to hold Fritz with one hand and your camera with your other hand

Bottom line: the Fritz the Blitz Adapter is a very handy yet inexpensive accessory for all your cameras. If you already own Fritz, make sure to pick up his adapter next time you are in the Shop.

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  1. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    you do know you can adjust the bar to fit your camera, right?

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