Think Twice about Pushing the Lomography CN200 Tiger 110, it Might Bite Back!

2013-02-14 1

I fell in love with the Fisheye Baby 110 the moment I saw it, the great thing was the range of 110 films Lomography have to back this little baby up! So I decided to take it out to town to capture the Christmas parade.

Loading the 110 film cartridge into the Fisheye Baby was pretty easy, don’t believe me? Check this out

So eager as I was to try out the new camera and film I took it out to the annual Christmas Pageant in Perth that started at night. I even brought along the Coloursplash Flash to play around and to help light up the my shots. Playing around with the two shutter speed (B/N) I only realised that I didn’t give enough time for the low lighting.

Resulting in shots like these

So… knowing that most of the shots were underexposed, I started reading online on ways to help increase the ISO/Sensitivity of the film, aka so that the film is not wasted. Coming across articles that recommended pushing the film during development. The opposite of pushing is pulling, and each stop you do is basically increasing/decreasing the speed of the film (200 becomes 400 or 100).

I ended up doing a two-stop push (which in this case was trying to achieve an ISO of 800) and while this works for 35mm or 120mm films, the 110mm film became much more grainier then usual. A lot of my shots came back with plenty of little specks and lines. Also, apparently my shots were scanned the wrong way so make sure you check with your lab that they will do it correctly.

Lucky thing was, I had a few more shots at the end that turn out better as they were shot in the daytime and with the shutter open longer.

Allow more light, give it more time and always use the bulb setting when you’re indoor or at night and you should be fine on the Lomography Tiger 110. Just don’t push this tiger too much!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    It would be nice if Lomography brought out a 400 speed color 110 film - but - I'm thankful they revived 110 film in any speed.

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