Conquer the Darkness with Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit

2013-02-11 2

Have a Fritz the Blitz yet?
Yes → Get a Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit!
—→ Get a Fritz the Blitz and Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit!

Credits: an_lai_drew

Fritz the Blitz is the best flash you could ever have in the world of Lomography. It has three settings of power distance, the versatility is further extend with the adapter kit. With the affordable accessories, now you could fix the Fritz the Blitz on any kind of camera, as long as it has a tripod thread mount and a hot shoe.

Personally, I love to attach the Adapter Kit along with the Fritz the Blitz with my Diana Mini. The combination of these two is sensational. The Fritz the Blitz gives a touch of vintage playfulness to every camera which it is attached with. Nobody could resist their interests once their sights drop onto the flash.
The cutest classic square 35mm frame + Shower of light = Fantastic Baby!

Credits: an_lai_drew

Put some color filters, and have some craze; once the lomograph’s out, everybody’s amazed!

Credits: an_lai_drew

Fret not, if you have a camera with long body. The extendable adapter kit allows the users to attach the Fritz the Blitz onto the camera which has a longer body length, such as Sprocket Rocket. Lomography is very thoughtful in putting consideration with its functionality with all kinds of cameras. Get yours now and be de-LIGHT-ful!

written by an_lai_drew on 2013-02-11 #gear #review


  1. kschraer
    kschraer ·

    Is the adapter kit available in the Shop? I can't find it.

  2. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    Hi @kschraer, I got it from local lomography store. Is it unavailable in the online shop?

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