Lubitel 166+ in Galata

2013-02-06 1

Twin lenses are awesome. Lubitel is a classic. When it comes to Lubitel 166+; it is a legend!

Credits: lisamariesimpson

You may ask; what makes the difference on Lubitel 166+? Well, as long as you don’t hold it, you’ll never understand the difference exactly!

Credits: lisamariesimpson

Its mirror is sharply clean, just like its old fellows. You adore what you see. Focusing ease is the most distinctive function for it among the others.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

Lubitel 166+ with Lomography Black & White Earl Grey filmi at Lomography Gallery Store Istanbul // After all those photos from Galata, now it is the time to try out the 35mm apparatus!

written by lisamariesimpson on 2013-02-06 #gear #review
translated by lisamariesimpson

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