Hot Lomo Frames from Pera Museum


Pera Museum held a workshop called “Hot Lomo Frames from Pera Museum”, a collaboration between Pera Education and Lomography Turkey. The workshop had been in action on Saturdays throughout September, 2012.

Özge Gümüş

The Hot Lomo Frames Workshop consisted of sections such as information about Lomography, LomoKino movie screenings, and Pera Museum shooting.

Participants, aged between 14-18 old, shot some frames of Beyond Experiment Exhibition within the museum.

Zeynep Elif Ergin
Esen Küçük Tütüncü

Because dim light was present at the museum, tripods and long exposure options were used by the participants, most of whom had not used analogue.

Büşra Hikmet Utku
Bengisu Çağlayan
Buse Tosun
Ezgi Akdoğan
Yeliz Motro
Yasemin Yıldırım
Gülçin Canoluk

Beyond Experiment Exhibition was a great shooting area for these brand-new lomographers. They were introduced to Lomography as they showed off their great skills with the results.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

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