New Test Scans Made With the Smartphone Film Scanner

2013-02-01 5

There are still three days left to pledge for our Smartphone Film Scanner. For those of you still needing some convincing, here are some brand-new scans by our community member sixsixty!

We are still overjoyed with the support our Smartphone Film Scanner has received on Kickstarter. For test purposes, sixsixty has already received the scanner and was able to scan some shots and give us some feedback: “I have to say it is just a pleasure to use! It is so fast and does a fantastic job.” All of sixsixty’s scans were made with an iPhone 4s.

You can buy the scanner online or Find a Store

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  1. bluefade
    bluefade ·

    and what about 120 film?

  2. cilwang
    cilwang ·

    I would be very interested in seeing the full resolution picture. Is there a way to see that somewhere ? seems promising though :-) thank you in advance :-)

  3. mwlphelps
    mwlphelps ·

    Will 127 film fit through the scanner?

  4. scott-o-matic
    scott-o-matic ·

    No, this is 35mm only.

  5. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    The scanner is 35mm only and that's ok. It's fine that it doesn't do 120 and once you see it in hand you'll realize 120 would really need to be a different device. The scanner uses the 35mm sprockets to move the film along, so wouldn't be able to properly do 110, but that would have been nice if it could.

    This scanner is FAST!!! If you had an uncut roll of standard 35mm shots, you could scan the whole thing in a minute or two. It's really refreshing if you've come from using a flatbed scanner and how long that takes.

    I haven't been able to test out the app yet, so all the shots you see are from an iPhone 4s using the default camera app, and basic cropping in photoshop. Nothing else. For those that need to know, I'll figure out what the resolution is and post that later. Off hand I think it's around 1750 x 1500 (includes the sprockets).

    This scanner does a fantastic job at digitizing 35mm film for use on the web and small prints. I was even able to use instagram to take some shots. At the price point they are hitting for this thing on the kickstarter it's going to be a no brainer for a lot of people. With all that said, the smartphone scanner will never be able to replace a high-end scanner in resolution and clarity. But, it definitely beats it in price and speed. I will hopefully be able to test out the app next week and I will post a lot more test scans then.

    @bluefade @cilwang @mwlphelps

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