The Purple Secret My LC-Wide's Been Hiding


Do you want to know a secret? Let me just show you, because you won’t believe it otherwise…

Hi there. I’m an avid film collector and analogue enthusiast. Me thinks you might be too.

I already see the world through Purple-colored glasses. Like many others Lomography immediately gained my attention with the launch of their new LomoChrome Purple. I’m counting the days till my film arrives! In the meanwhile, I’ll daydream about it. (Purple is the color of my dreams, too).

Credits: jasiehasie

While atop the hill with a colorful friend, in a bed of lilac, I naturally snapped some photos to capture the lovely scents and scene on film. Oh, how I secretly wished the film had feelings and the emulsion could morph based on the emotion they were trying to emulate!

I think my loyal LC-Wide felt the same way, too.

Well, funny enough, there was something different about the LC-Wide on that particular day. Lovestruck? It was more as if he was harboring a pleasant secret. I had to get it out of him, the sneak!


It can’t be!

How my LC-Wide got his hands on a LomoChrome Purple 400 35mm out of the first batch remains a mystery. All I know is that my magical photos from that day will sate my thirst for my order of the LomoChrome Purple 400 35mm Pack of 15 which arrives in July, the peak of Summer. With so many lovely photo-opportunities, I’ll probably burn right through them before Summer’s end.

Time to pre-order some more, I heard the stock of the limited first batch is running low!

LC-Wide: Whoops, sorry, I couldn’t resist!

written by soundfoodaround on 2013-02-01 #news #film #chrome #purple #love #collect #lilac #lc-wide #lomochrome-purple

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  1. doubleagent19
    doubleagent19 ·

    I want my LC-A to magically get some purple film

  2. amedejulie
    amedejulie ·

    can it be developed with a help of C-41 processor?

  3. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    @amedejulie - it is normal color-negative process - C41 - so YES it can be developed like "normal" C41 film

  4. amedejulie
    amedejulie ·

    @angelhaken thank you!

  5. 134340
    134340 ·

    35mm sold out., too late!! T___T

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