Perfect Combination: My Nikon FM and Kodak BW400CN


This is the story of how I got my beloved camera and found the perfect match for her.

The first time I saw her, she was full of dust hidden between old books and clothes on a little flea market of the State of Mexico. My first thought was that it was useless but I fell in love and decided to take the risk; so I made it mine, and surprisingly, for a very cheap price of $400.00 MXN (around $30 dollars).

I was so excited; it was my first SLR so I cleaned it, tested it, and fortunately all the dust went away. It looked like new!

So after some test rolls I decided to load a black and white film on it and since I didn’t have the stuff to develop film on my house, I gave a try on Kodak BW400CN. I didn’t know how this film will work or what to expect from it but when I got the negatives from the Lab I was surprised with the results. It quickly became one of my favorite films, and of course, of my Nikon FM too.

This is my winning team and here is the gallery to prove what they can do:

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