My 2013 Analogue Bucket List: I want books, not gear!

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This year, writing my analog bucket list, I do not speak about cameras, but on a series of books that are very hard to find which I hope to be reprinted at an affordable price! Read on to find out more about a series of classics, with pictures of the great photographers of the last century!

1. First of all, there is a rare book of the photographer William Klein, titled “Life is good and good for you in New York.” It features a series of photos taken in the middle of the 50’s and printed (in Switzerland) in high contrast. It was published in France, Italy, and England, but not in America (the photos were considered too intense and vulgar at that time). This is a very interesting book of street photography, and its importance is similar to the more famous “The Americans” by Robert Frank.

These two sample images were taken from my “books on books,” a scanned reprint, but I’m searching for the original version, with a different page layout, and with the original grey tones.

2. “Images a la Sauvette”, the masterpiece of Henri Cartier-Bresson. This is the French original version of the very hard to find “The Decisive Moment”. Many of the photos of this books were republished, but I’m waiting for a reprint of the original. This book is a masterpiece of the famous French photographer.

These two images were taken for the book “Henry Cartier-Bresson, Il Secolo Moderno”.

3. The 1958 original editions of “The Americans” by Robert Frank. I have the 2008 editions, with an interesting introduction by Jack Kerouac. In the 1958 editions, there were included writings by Simone de Beauvoir, Erskine Caldwell, William Faulkner, Henry Miller and John Steinbeck, and some photos have a different crop.

Here’s an image from the Steidl edition (2008)

4. “America by a Car” by Lee Friedlander. An original book of street photography and urban landscapes taken from inside a car with the use of a super wide angle and a lightening flash. A great idea to shoot inside a car with a LC-Wide!

Here two examples taken from “Friedlander, The Museum of Modern Art”

5. “American Monuments” by Lee Friedlander. Another very hard to find books who presents the American monuments in a unconventional way.

6. “The Little Screens” by Lee Friedlander. An original series of photos of TV in the hotel rooms, in the middle of the XX century!

7. The last book that I’m waiting to have is…a book with photos taken with a Belair, a very interesting camera that is easy to use!

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