Pdexposures.tv Goes Thrift Shopping


Pdexposures.tv is out with a new episode. Episode five is the first installment of Thrift Stories. A segment Nate and Ben will come back to from time to time where they explore the wonders of the thrift store! In this episode they do a blind test and purchase the most interesting camera they can find inside of Portland’s largest Goodwill!

This week’s episode of pdexposures.tv is about finding a neat vintage camera. Nate and Ben went to a local thrift store with one goal in mind: to find the most interesting camera possible. They did a pretty good job finding a Sears TLS 35mm SLR from 1967 with a wonderful 55mm f/1.4 lens! But purchasing isn’t all they did, they also took a closer look at a rather obscure camera with some odd features.

pdexposures.tv is made by Nate Matos and Ben Davis. Originally, pdexposures was started by Nate as an outlet for his work in photography. You might have come across some of his youtube videos in the past in which he discusses different aspects of analogue photography and gives hints and tips.

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