The Land Down Under: Sea Life Sydney Aquarium


Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is a popular attraction in Sydney. It is a great way to get to know the watery world of Australia.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is located on the city side of Darling Harbour, in the heart of Sydney. The aquarium contains a large variety of aquatic life, showcasing 13,000 animals from 700 different species in spectacular habitat displays. The aquarium is divided into a few different themed zones, such as Mangroves Swamps, Bay of Rays, Dugong Island, Great Barrier Reef, and Discovery Rockpool.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the home of two cute dugongs named Pig and Wuru. These dugongs are popular among the visitors, and they are the only dugongs on display in Australia and two of six on displays in the whole world. Besides dugongs, other aquatic life such as turtles, octopus, jellyfish, seahorses, sawfish, and crab can be found in the aquarium.

There are underwater viewing tunnels with amazing view in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Take a walk through the tunnels to admire the sea animals such as sharks and stingrays that swim around. It is a great experience to come face to face with them from a close distance.

You can explore the interactive zone to get up close and personal with some of the sea creatures such as starfish and clams. Meet with the expert education team, ask questions, and learn something new about the aquatic life.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is a great place to make amazing discovery for all ages who admire and appreciate aquatic life.

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