The New LomoChrome Purple Has Sparked Serious Excitement

2013-01-31 1

Yesterday’s announcement that Lomography is launching the new LomoChrome Purple film generated a lot of enthusiasm in our community. Many members can hardly wait to get their hands on the new emulsion. Check out what our community has to say about the news below!

Right now, our new LomoChrome Purple film can be pre-ordered in both 35mm and medium format and will find its way to you by July. Since the news about the new film broke yesterday, many of our community members voiced their excitement about the brand-new film that brings back the looks of the long-discontinued Aerochrome infrared film. Here are some of the most excited comments we received so far:

“I hope you understand how HUGE this is! I am very happy to see you do something that hasn’t been done in years: Develop a new film emulsion!”adash

“Damn it! This film looks great!”winterschlaefer

CAN NOT WAITdjramsay

“Bravo LSI!”xbalboax

“Great! Will be hard to wait until July!”aston

“I’m already in love with this film!”palkina

“Pre-ordered. My cameras will be thanking me.”dollymixture

“Patience is not one of my virtues. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow? Preferably one made out of a Delorean.”deepfried_goodness

“What is important and impressive to me is that Lomography Society is constantly developing new stuff for us enthusiasts and not just reselling or rebranding past emulsions. Thanks Lomography! :) I pre-ordered 15 rolls and hopefully it will be available before my bday on the 6th of July.”meatoyz1

The LomoChrome Purple can be pre-ordered in our online shop.

What other types of film would you like to see us work on? Share your ideas in the comments for this article! Who knows, maybe we can ==make your film dreams come true!=="

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