LomoChrome Purple Etiquette Rule #1


Got your LomoChrome Purple on the way? Check. Read the LomoChrome Purple Etiquette manual? Oops. Didn’t think so.

Credits: alexroarsatlyons

Now that the LomoChrome Purple film has been released – I need to make sure you guys know some ground rules. The first rule in LomoChrome Purple Film Etiquette is popular with our staff. We’ve got an old saying around here, “If you purple, you can’t curple.” What does that mean?


noun \ˈkərpəl\

  1. The hindquarters or the rump of a horse, a strap under the girth of a horse’s saddle to stop the saddle from kicking forward.
  2. (transferred) The rump, the posterior.
Credits: zipper

If you haven’t caught on yet, it means, don’t take a picture of my curple with your LomoChrome Purple!

Got it? Get it? Good.

The More You Know…

Pre-order your LomoChrome Purple film now in our Shop. Be sure to follow LomoChrome Purple Etiquette. We’re watching you. (Sarcasm? Is this in actual fact a challenge? You’re probably right…)

written by jasonskung on 2013-02-01 #news #infrared #lomography #analogue-cameras #etiquette #lomochrome #35mm-films #lomochrome-purple

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