A Glimpse of Vietnam Through its Miniature


With cardboard and paint in hand, Vietnamese artist, Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng, brings his childhood experiences of living in Hanoi, Vietnam, to life.

Inspired by the living conditions in Hanoi, Hùng hand-crafted a three meter tall model of his interpretation of a local residential tower. Although mainly constructed out of cardboard, he effortlessly reproduces the standard of living in Vietnam with high attention to detail. It’s called Living Together in Paradise.

The striking miniature raises the issue of poor living conditions, and lack of natural resources, faced by thousands of locals.

This piece is currently being exhibited in Queensland, Australia till the 14th of April. Take a look at Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng’s other works including One Planet / The Barricade - Chiến Luỹ and One Planet / Go To Market - Đi Chợ.

What would your personal diorama look like?

Information for this article was taken from designboom.

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