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This Month’s Requests


While we are no longer accepting submissions for News articles, we still want your tips! Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • Perfect Combination: Do you find yourself taking the best photos when pairing your camera/s with a certain film? Why don’t you tell us about it — your favorite camera and film combination/s — and share the photos showing why it’s a match made in heaven!
  • Memorable Mixtapes: It’s the month of hearts once more, so it’s time for us to tell about those memorable mixtapes again. Whether it’s for a happy or a wounded heart, we’re curious about the songs in the mix!
  • Doubles with Love: Share with us your stories and photographs about doubles done with the ones closest to your heart!
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations on Film: Chinese New Year is on February 10th, so if you’re going to celebrate, capture the moments in film and share them with us!

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  • Table for Two: Recommended restaurants and dining spots for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner
  • SoLocations: Your favorite spot/s for treating yourself to a day of pampering/indulgence or some “me” time
  • Favorite Lightpainting Spots: Do you have a favorite spot for taking unique and interesting lightpaintings—an abandoned building, a busy footbridge, or a scenic beach with stunning sunsets, perhaps? Do tell us about them!
  • Checking Out Chinatown: Does your city have its own Chinatown? We bet it will be decked with bright lanterns and other decorations for the Chinese New Year on February 10th, so why don’t check it out for us and show us around?

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  • Belair X 6-12
  • Diana Baby 110
  • La Sardina Camera & Flash – Quadrat
  • Zenit 412LS SLR
  • Zorki 1


  • Any 110 film
  • Lomography Peacock 110 X-Pro Film
  • Fuji Superia 100 120
  • Fomapan 100 120
  • Foma B/W film 400 35mm


  • Belairgon 114mm f/8 Lens
  • Lomokino Handgrip
  • Digitaliza 110
  • Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens
  • Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit

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  • Lightpainting Tips: We’re all about lightpainting this month, so if you have a handy tip or two for creating impressive lightpaintings, we’d like for you to share them so we can try them!
  • Romantic Photoshoot Tips: It’s the season of love and we bet many will be in the mood for shooting romantic snaps (pre-nups, date photos, romantic editorial photos), let’s give them a hand and give them some tips for taking the most charming couple photos!
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Tips: Since it’s the month of love, February is perfect for making the ones dearest to us feel most special. Handmade gifts are guaranteed to make anyone smile so we’d love for you to share some tips and tutorials for making DIY Valentine’s Day gifts (whether for your friends, family members, or a special someone) with a touch of your film photos!

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Regular Contributions

Additionally, if you’re interested in becoming one of our regular writers, read this call-out article and we’ll be waiting for your responses! Thank you!

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