Best Usage of your Films


A few tips on what films to use and the best conditions to use them.

Credits: suizidekid

Hi, if you are a Lomoholic like me and you want to shoot whenever it is possible but you are not sure when to use which type of Film or in some cases what to shoot, well here are some tips:

1.) Slide film (cross processed):
Slide film works whenever you have a lot of light and a nice blue sky, maybe with a little clouds.
The most important thing to know if you decide on cross processing a slide is that only color will switch, so you will get a much better effect if you shoot something colorful than a grey street with grey walls. The contrast of the photo will also be much stronger if you shoot something colorful.

You also get very nice results if you shoot sunset. Here you will get a dreamy unrealistic look.

Credits: suizidekid

You can also get a stronger atmosphere for your photos if you choose the right slide film.
For example during autumn try using a Fuji Velvia 100 to get more red and brown tones in your photos.

Credits: suizidekid

In spring for example you can use a Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 to get a fresher look to your photos and further heighten the colors of spring.

Credits: suizidekid

I love to shoot silhouette with the different kinds of slides, because it gives a dramatic effect and the colors I get are great

Credits: suizidekid

2.) Negative Films
The classic one. You can never be wrong with a negative film, but you will never get those colorful effects that you get when cross processing a slide film. But there are some occasions when I prefer to shoot with a good negative roll, like photos in the woods and photos of snow or with snow.
Compared to slide films there is a larger range of different ISO films available. So if the weather is bad, just take an ISO 400 or even an ISO 800 film. The same if you want to shoot inside without flash. Negative films is great for portraits (like Black and White) too, because you get the natural skin tone. Using crossed slide films for portraits, if not careful, makes one look from another world. Unless that is the preference.

Credits: suizidekid

3.) Black and White Film

I really love Black and White film because you can use it whatever the weather is outside. So let’s say it is a cold November day with grey sky and no sun at all…that is a perfect time to take a B/W roll like the Lomography Lady Grey and you will be happy with your results.
It would be a waste of your slide roll if you use one of them, and it would probably be underexposed.
Let’s say it is July and super sunny. Here you can use the Lomography Earl Grey and you will get a different look which is a look with a higher contrast. My favourite is the Ilford Xp2 400 film. It is a C-41 based Black and White Film, cheaper than other black and white films to develop and it is a really good all around Film.

Credits: suizidekid

4.) Redscaled film

You can do a lot of things with a redscale film. It is very versatile and the nice thing with it is that you can use it if it is super sunny or when it is overcast weather. You can also get different effects if you change the SO setting. Here some examples:

sunny summer day with awesome clouds shot on 200ISO setting
nice autumn day shot on 100ISO
nice autumn day shot on 50ISO
overcast day shot on 50ISO
very overcast winter day shot on 100ISO

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    Great article! You perfectly matched your wonderful pictures with the film and settings making it easy to understand what to expect. Extremely helpful! :)

  25. kibs
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    Great article! You perfectly matched your wonderful pictures with the film and settings making it easy to understand what to expect. Extremely helpful! :)

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