Karjat, India: The People, The Place, The Photography

2013-02-01 1

This is my story and photos about my journey into the village of Karjat, India with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program.

One Sunday in December, I woke up and decided to stop waiting. I had long dreamed of joining the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program – and a few weeks later I found myself boarding a plane to Mumbai…

The journey started in Mumbai, where 16 of us gathered from all across Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, and Montreal. From Mumbai the bus took us on a journey from Mumbai (nicknamed the New York of India) with its shopping malls and high rises and every modern convenience to the roaming, country side of India. But wherever we went during this journey, one thing was constant – guys playing cricket and roaming cattle (love the roaming cattle!).

Every day that I went to the work site, I couldn’t help but feel like I was on a movie set. There were all kinds of animals roaming around, and some of the 300 villagers would pass by during the day to see what we were up to.

Our work consisted of 2 homes, which are constructed with mud and brick. Our days flew by between these two things. We slung mud from large pits in front of the homes and passed thousands of bricks from a pile not too far from the two homes. We were guided by local masonry, who would joyfully yell directions at us. By day two, we were all brave enough to yell back – there were a lot of “MUD” and “BRICK” calls happening on the site!

This build was quite special as on other builds, the families are normally out to work during the day and return to help after work. However, because they were villagers, we spent the entire time building with the families. It really made the experience that much more fun and we all had a good laugh together even if we had no idea what the other was person was saying.

I am so glad that I decided to finally take this journey, and I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into it…

All photos were taken with the Canon AE-1 and Lomography LC-Wide

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