A Sunny Sunday Snowboarding: Shooting Action on the Lomo LC-A

2013-02-08 1

Sunday is considered the day of rest but when the sun is out and it’s a bluebird day on the mountain there’s no better time to rise early from bed to snap some 35mm action. With our eager eyes and an LC-A camera, we headed out with snowboarder Orla Doolin to the Burton Stash in Morzine one sunny Sunday morning… and here is the snowboarding we snapped.

There’s nothing better than staying in bed on a snowy Sunday, all cosy and warm under your duvet… Well actually there is if your a snowboarder in the mountains!

Rising early to get the first lift, you can’t pass up a sunny shred and for us the opportunity to snap it! So equipped with a bag full of cameras and 35mm film, we headed to ‘The Burton Stash’ in Avoriaz, France with Burton snowboarder (and all round rad girl) Orla Doolin. She’s an inspiration on a board and with the sun peeking over the mountain, the normally shaded Stash was ready to shine for us!

An ecological and natural snowpark built amongst the trees, ‘The Stash’ is the perfect place to play on a sunny January morning. With an Lomo LC-A loaded with a roll of ISO 200 film, the sunny conditions were surely going to do our shutter some success. And a sunny day on the mountain is a shred photographers friend, not only for the outcome of the shots but for your freezing fingers…handy.

Wall rides, logs and tree trunk obstacles, wooden tables for sliding on, jumps from paths and rocks, trees bent like rainbows, wooden toboggans and other natural obstacles, we were spoilt for choice. So we decided to hunt out the best spots for Orla’s action depending on the sun. We followed it as it lit up the wall rides like spotlights, moving on when the shadows creeped too far. With a low ISO film and the sun doing most of the work our LC-A was the perfect partner for the job. All we had to remember was to set the focus, dependent on our subjects distance from us…

So we got up close then we snapped from far away. She hit the wall ride, hiked the path back up, then hit it again. We captured her preparation, her action, her frustration and her success. The outcome: some sunny snowboard snaps that leave us inspired!

Parting words of advice: The best time to photograph snowboarding using your LC-A is when the sun is shining and conditions are perfect. The bright snow and epic shadows make for some beautiful shots! Get some pipe gloves/thinner than normal snowboard gloves or you’ll be finding it all a bit fiddly. Hike to some different angles to get a variety of shots (plus it’ll keep you warm). And most importantly don’t be scared to play around.. it’s not just the snowboarder your shooting who should be having fun!

The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

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