Let's Play Sardines with Tasha Whittle

We have asked 25 UK artists, illustrators and generally creative types to customise the La Sardina DIY for a huge exhibition that will run until March. The “Let’s Play Sardines” Exhibition will be shown at all three of our UK Stores. We asked Tasha Whittle to tell us a bit about her work and her contribution to this exciting project.

How would you describe your life in two sentences?
A creative roller coaster ride of a journey, i’m currently in a loop-da-loop. Mostly living the dream with my awesome creative ‘Club House Studio’ buddy team around me.

Where did your interest in illustration begin?
From an early age, drawing was something that kept me occupied, especially on long journeys in the car. All i needed was pencils, paper and a walkman and I was quiet as a mouse (would less likely to fight with my brother). Art was always my strongest subject in school and I had a keen interest in photography after inheriting my Dads camera, I have a terrible memory so taking photographs are a way of remembering past events. It wasn’t until university that I focused on Illustration and Animation but I still make art and I still take photographs, visually they all go together hand in hand for me.

What materials do you choose to use and why?
I’m a massive hoarder. The wooden feathers are actually the extra bits when you by pre-made canvas’s and for some reason I had a whole tin load. The other materials are acrylic, Indian ink and glue dots.. which I use on a daily basis to create work.

Did you enjoy customising your Sardina DIY?
Of course!! It was a bit daunting at first because it was so shiny white and I get a bit precious and worry before I start making work. Once I get going though it is full steam ahead.

Describe your creation in 3 words!
Weirdo Daft Birdo

Anything exciting lined up for 2013?
The next exhibition is Expo:01 (9th Feb) which is a group show with other rad North West artists at Kraak Gallery curated by OneFiveEight. I will be creating new work for that show, focusing more on painting than screen printing.

I’ll be making a lantern for another group show on 21st Feb, (L A N T E R N) with more top class Manchester creatives at Soup Kitchen.

The next round of Out House is coming up soon too. Out House is an outdoor space for public art based in Stevenson Square in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Every 3 months we invite 4 artists to come and repaint the blocks. The project has been running since 2011 and is a really fun thing to do.

Making more products, screen printing, designs and paintings. Collaborating with some wonderful friends and doing more murals, I miss the big stretch of working large. I’d like to do a solo show at the end of the year and I’m definitely doing more festival orientated installation work this year. Bits n bobs, keeps me on my toes! I will be taking more photographs with me new La Sardina, fooo shooo.

Check out Tasha Whittle's work on her super website!

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