LomoKino Flashy Transformer Disco Show!


If the lever on your LomoKino breaks all is definitely not lost. Au Contraire mon amis, that’s when the real fun starts! I’d like to introduce to you: The Flashy Transformer LomoKino Disco Show!

Here at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam we discovered that one of our workshop LomoKino cameras turned out to be broken. But what is broken exactly? Isn’t broken another word for ‘you just have to reinvent yourself’? Lomographers are a crafty bunch and we don’t discard items like the masses do. So, we decided to transform the ‘broken’ LomoKino.

Upon further inspection I discovered that the lever used to transport the film was broken off. An overenthusiastic director probably discovered his or her inner Hulk and it snapped right off. That’s a shame, but hey, it happens. And it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Lomographer samjavor once wrote a tipster where he attached a drill onto the LomoKino. Brilliant plan and very simple! I decided to try that and after 5 minutes of DIY action and a night of waiting I transformed the LomoKino into a Flashy LomoKino Disco.

What you need:

  • LomoKino without the film transport lever (either break it off or just disassemble it from the body).
  • Superglue
  • An old nut with a 9/16" diameter
  • A bit to fit into the nut
  • A drill
  • The Holgon Strobe flitser or any other rapid recharge flash. Like the 2.0 Fritz the Blitz
  • Batteries for the flash (well duh)

Getting it done:

  1. First make sure that you remove the metal pin that used to hold the lever together. It’s easily pulled out by using some pliers. My DIY buddy joers helped me out with that.
  2. Get the nut and the superglue. Get enough glue on the side of the nut and on the outside of the rotating area that used to hold the lever. Check the picture to see what I mean.
  3. Stick that sucker on and let it dry for a night.
  4. The next morning haul out your drill, attach a bit that will fit over the nut and get ready for some awesomeness.
  5. Attach the flash to your camera and put some batteries in.

…and this is what happens:

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

written by mrmaart on 2013-02-06 #videos #gear #tutorials #diy #disco #tipster #holgon-flash #screw #drill #quicky-tipster #transform #snelle-tipster #lomokino #transformatie
translated by pretletterp

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