The 2013 Adventure of Boris the Pass On Lomo!

2013-01-31 2

Boris has finally made up his analogue mind! In 2013 he will be visiting 47 enthusiastic Lomographers from the Netherlands and Belgium. He’ll be all over the place! From Amsterdam to Utrecht, Groningen, Maastricht, Ghent and Rotterdam, he’ll be everywhere and capture only the best moments!

On December 13th 2012 Boris the Pass-On Lomo told us that he wanted to travel in 2013. A new adventure and with new friends from all over the BeNeLux. En masse you guys invited Boris to spend some time with you and Boris set out to plan his trip! Want to know where he’ll be going?

All the hosts in a row:

  1. desibel – Amsterdam
  2. eelke – Amsterdam
  3. liset – Amsterdam
  4. renate_utrecht – Utrecht
  5. wesco – Utrecht
  6. erikweerts – Utrecht
  7. marije – Utrecht
  8. annabellebinnerts – Loosdrecht
  9. sylviavanbruggen – Lelystad
  10. marijeaagje – Zwolle
  11. epibrowser – Groningen
  12. buro55nl – Arnhem
  13. krabochove – Arnhem
  14. jael – Beuningen
  15. soloveispunk – Berghem
  16. gerdii – Tilburg
  17. zeewierkoekje – Tilburg
  18. sensa – Tilburg
  19. evi_vanderkant – Vlierden
  20. Mariskapeusen – Susteren
  21. krisriem – Born
  22. crystalmind – Maastricht
  23. miniatuurmensje – Belgisch Limburg
  24. heimarlou – Brussel
  25. pieterdesaeger – Brussel
  26. undiscovered – Gent
  27. filipdr – Gent
  28. jean-paul-goethals – Zelzate
  29. reminator – Oostburg
  30. yolien – Antwerpen
  31. desplinter – Antwerpen
  32. fritssi – Breda
  33. pfvandenbroek – Breda
  34. jwlb – Dordrecht
  35. sterestherster – Rotterdam
  36. puzzlegayporn – Gravenzande
  37. amytphotography – Den Haag
  38. francine-suzanne – Den Haag
  39. menthaal – Gouda
  40. playstoppause – Leiden
  41. pavlov – Leiden
  42. bellslomography – Haarlem
  43. riannebarger – Haarlem
  44. justmeanxx – Castricum
  45. maaikel – Amsterdam
  46. kodak – Amsterdam
  47. leolensen – Amsterdam
  48. pretletterp – Amsterdam

Boris will start (and end) his journey in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam with desibel. He’ll also end in Amsterdam after which he’ll probably take a vacation from err, being on vacation…. Right… Anyway, Boris planned his trip in such a way that the Lomographers that are hosting him don’t have to travel too far. That way they can even grab a cup of coffee together or it’ll save them some shipping cost.

Initially in the original article Boris had the plan to stay with every host for 2 weeks. But since we had so many awesome applications he decided to just go and see every single one of you guys! So it’s 47 hosts with 1 week each.

What do we expect from the hosts?

  1. Take good care of Boris. He’s royalty you know!
  2. Take your favorite roll of film from the fridge and start snapping. Make sure to mind the theme the previous Lomographer gave you!
  3. Become a pal of Boris on his LomoHome, follow him on facebook + twitter and during the ‘week of fame’ make sure that everyone knows he’s staying with you.
  4. After his stay, fill out the Departure Card that you received. If you lost it (we mailed it to you!) you could also find it here.
  5. Send the Departure Card and the roll of film to the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam at the Herengracht 298, 1016 BX in Amsterdam. Lomography will develop the pictures and write a cool adventure based on your departure card.
  6. Think of a cool theme for the host that’s after you and pass it on!
  7. Get an appointment with the next Lomographer – check the travelling list – and make sure Boris gets to him or her safely. By mail or even better, in person!

Every single adventure that Boris will have will be transformed into an article. You’ll be able to read about it right here in the Lomography magazine.
Want to stay up to date about Boris and his adventures? Follow him on Facebook, twitter or on his own LomoHome.

Got a blog? Writer for a magazine? Have an illegal radiostation in your basement? Give Boris all the attention and publicity he deserves and maybe he’ll end up with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk….

Secretly, Boris is just a Lomo LC-A+ who has become worldfamous for his amazing features: automatic exposure, extensive ISO range and the possibility of multiple and longer exposures. Do you want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him now in the online shop!

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translated by pretletterp


  1. giovannidecarlo
    giovannidecarlo ·

    amazing project ... really funny !

  2. mrmaart
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    thanks @giovannidecarlo !

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