Ultraviolet: Daring Purple Hairstyles


Always wanted to dye your hair a vivacious lavender shade but never had the guts to actually do it? With the new color negative LomoChrome Purple film, you can rock positively purple locks with the emulsion’s infrared-like coloring. Check out this vivid gallery of pretty violet tresses!

Credits: denisesanjose

Since I was born with generic dark hair, I’d always wanted to change my hair color to a wild one. Because of the ridiculous “the-world-will-end-in-2012” hoaxes, I decided to finally do it last year. When it came to color, I went with the most radical shade: red. I bleached my hair blonde then dyed it red. Then I dip-dyed it again, then cut it, and went back to black when I was done with my “YOLO”-ing.

Photos via Pinterest

It was a pretty fun experience that I’m glad to tick off my bucket list. I played around with different ways to style it, had a ball documenting it in film, and often thought of the concept of my appearance and societal acceptance, vanity and homogeneity (haha really). When I saw celebs like Katy Perry and Lady GaGa rocking purple hair, I thought, darn, I should’ve picked purple instead since it looks way cooler.

Photos via Pinterest

But between the bleaching and dyeing, coloring your hair really does a lot of damage to it so I don’t think I would actually do it all over again. After seeing some infrared Aerochrome Lomographs, I noticed that the color shifts sometimes turns your hair purple…

Credits: jennson, bccbarbosa, nural, shoujoai, furn7973, aprilrich427 & herr_zeit

So I say spare your precious tresses the damage and fake it til you make it with the new *LomoChrome Purple – A Color Negative Film That Yields Infrared Results!*

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  1. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    great haircolors ! <3

  2. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Aren't they, @pearlgirl77? :-) Thanks to @zoezo @jennson @bccbarbosa @nural @shoujoai @furn7973 @aprilrich427 @herr_zeit for the perfectly purple photos!

  3. nural
    nural ·

    I think I did all colors to my hair, including pink and purple ;)

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