Purple Screen


Since the launch of our newest film, the infrared color negative LomoChrome Purple, we’ve been seeing life through purple-tinted glasses. Here are 10 movies with a hint of violet in the titles which we recommend you watch while waiting for your pre-ordered rolls. There’s a genre for everyone and even a cartoon!

The Purple Taxi (1977) by Yves Boisset

The Color Purple (1985) by Steven Spielberg

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) by Woody Allen

Purple Storm (1999) by Teddy Chan

Violet Perfume: No One Is Listening (2001) by Marisa Sistach

Purple Butterfly (2003) by Ye Lou

Purple Violets (2007) by Edward Burns

American Violet (2008) by Tim Disney

Purple Sail (2011) by Anne-Sophie Dutoit

Harold and the Purple Crayon TV series based on the best-selling book by Crockett Johnson

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