Check It Out!: The Pride and Prejudice Board Game


In case you missed it, the perennial Jane Austen novel, “Pride and Prejudice” celebrates its 200th anniversary this week. And of course, it is a truth universally acknowledged that Austenites should celebrate this momentous occasion.

Between suggestions of (re)reading the novel and (re)watching the film – may it be the 1995 BBC version, the 2005 film version, or something much more obscure — we stumbled upon this quirky gem over at the Board Game Geek that grants us a very tempting third option.

But then again, judging by its look, it won’t be a surprise to say that the Pride and Prejudice Board Game would be quite difficult to find now, would it?

Images via the Board Game Geek

“A classic board game based on Jane Austen’s most beloved novel. Elizabeth and Darcy, Jane and Bingley, Lydia and Wickham, or Charlotte and Mr. Collins — pick one of four couples from the novel and maneuver them separately or together through town and countryside. Be the first to collect all game tokens, then race to the Parish Church to marry and win the game! Enjoyable whether you’re a fan of the novel or a film adaptation! For 2 to 4 players.” — Game Description

Am I the only one here who actually wants to have a go at this?

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