Versatile Wide-Angle Monster: the Lomo LC-Wide


There is no camera wider or more versatile than the LC-Wide. With two different rolls of film I have done nearly everything possible with this camera. And let me tell you: that’s a lot!

While I was saving up for a new camera, more and more doubts started to appear between the LC-A+ and the LC-Wide. The LC-A+ is, of course, the ultimate Lomo-camera, but the LC-Wide, with it’s wide-angle, is just that little bit more special and versatile. Luckily I could borrow mrmaart's LC-Wide for a little week.

One picture with the square frame and one with the half-frame frame.

With the camera came two frames, one for taking half-frames and one for taking square pictures. That came as a surprise to me! With these frames you can either make 36 square images, or 74 half-frame images. With this, the LC-Wide sort of becomes a Diana Mini Plus – different size formats, but with a much sharper lens, a light meter and of course a wider image.

Overlapping pictures and endless panorama in Amsterdam.

Another fun additional feature of the half-frame function is that you can partially overlap pictures. With this you can create endless panoramas like the picture above, or blend 2 or more pictures together. You can read more about this in this tipster. It’s a nice and surprising variation on the regular MX-button for ‘regular’ double exposures.

Up and close. No problem.

A great advantage of the LC-Wide are the focal distances. With the LC-A+ you can’t get closer than 0.8m (30 inches) of the subject. The LC-Wide has two focal options: 0.4m – 0.9m and 0.9m – infinity. You can get a lot closer with the 0.4m than with the LC-A+. Which is very convenient when you get a baby coot over for a visit.

The LC-Wide came along to movie theatre Kriterion and did exceptionally well.

Another surprise is how well the LC-Wide works indoors. With a fixed aperture of 4.5 it’s less sensitive to light than the LC-A+ (with a fixed aperture of 2.8). I feared for blurry pictures, but even without flash and with 400 ISO that was no problem.

In the centre

What I love about the wide-angle lens is that the focus is centered in the middle of the pictures. So it is best to position your subject in the middle. The edges of the picture are a little distorted and blurry, but this makes for a good focus on the subject.

No splitzer, but double exposure and overlapping

The only negative I have, is that there is no option for a Splitzer. Which is just the thing I love to experiment with. That’s why I’ve decided I’m going to be saving up for a LC-A+.

Despite the lack of an option for Splitzer, the LC-Wide remains a true wide-angle monster. After a week with this camera it became clear to me: I HAVE to have one!

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