SCREAM OUT LOUD with Fritz The Blitz!


Collaboration between LC-A and Fritz The Blitz with Fritz The Blitz Adapter Kit.

Fritz the Blitz, one word to describe this ‘monster’. SUPER AWESOME! The flash is controllable and it is very convenient to use.

I got a La Sardina, but I chose not to use the flash with the sardine. Instead, I tried to use my LC-A with the Fritz The Blitz flash. And I do gamble taking pictures during a Battle of The Bands concert on a rooftop at Melaka Mall. The surrounding was dark, only the stage was lit with spotlights.

I thought that my photos will turn out to be in total darkness, but I was shocked and stunned too. The results were pretty awesome! I used two films, Agfa CT Precisa and Fuji Pro 160 NS Expired.

Less talk, and let’s look at the results taken with LC-A and Fritz The Blitz:

Agfa CT Precisa 100

Fuji Pro 160 NS Expired

Basically, it is so simple. When you focus with LC-A, let say you are putting it at 0.8m, then adjust the flash power to the small single figure behind the flash. Then, just FIRE AWAY! VOILA! Experience it yourself! Give it a try!


written by maduz on 2013-02-07 #gear #review #rock-concert-battle-of-the-band-mmu-melaka-2013-fritz-the-blitz-colourful-lc-a

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