Belair X 6-12: More Amazing Photos!

2013-01-30 1

Experience a world of amazing photos with the Belair X 6-12 cameras. Take a peek on how the analogue community and the LomoStaff have been enjoying this revolutionary camera so far.

Still not convinced with the amazing sharpness and depth the Belair X 6-12 camera produces? Well, Lomographers around the world have been taking amazing photos from Guangzhou to Italy that’s sure to blow your mind. With any combination of the Belair cameras and lenses you could take tack-sharp portraits in the studio, or shoot dazzling panoramas while on your holiday at ease. Shoot in three different styles, featuring the highly coveted 6 × 12 Panoramic format.

Check out a selection of amazing Belair photos below:

Photos by: adamg_2000 antoniocastello hanshendley lyq1985424 mstrlss sirio174 sixsixty lomographycologne lomographysf

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